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About School Finder

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The internet has quickly changed important aspects of our everyday life including; the manner in which we seek and access information, shop, and interact. Consequently, parents and learners are opting for online platforms to get information about prospective schools beforehand.

Currently, there is a gap in the quantity, quality and validity of the information found online about schools. Additionally, majority of of schools do not have websites while those with websites end up with outdated content due to the high costs of building and maintaining websites respectively.

EduOnline’s Online schools directory (School Finder) fills and sorts the aforementioned gaps and challenges. Schools and other learning institutions can enhance their online and digital footprint/ visibility through exclusive school profiles created and hosted on the EduOnline website.


How do I benefit?

Parents can get information about schools and learning institutions thus reducing the cost and time spent in the school search process while ensuring ease and convenience.

With the profiles of schools on School Finder, learners get the much needed information of their prospective schools in advance.

Schools get instant online and digital footprint/visibility whether they have a school website or not. Therefore they are able to reach more people including prospective learners and parents both locally and across the globe.

We have various marketing initiatives we carry out consistently. These include social media marketing (on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn), articles on various blogs, radio shows among others. These initiatives help drive traffic to our website which increases exposure of school content to relevant audiences.

School profiles are hosted on our school Finder for free. This saves schools marketing budgets and in some cases the budgets associated with building and running individual school websites.

The school profile on School Finder provides a link to the school website (for schools with active websites). This redirection gives your website more daily traffic, which would have otherwise cost the school a marketing budget.


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