Mid-term Break Tips for Parents

  • 29 May 2022
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Mid-term Break Tips for Parents

Mid-term breaks are an important part of the school calender both to learners and parents. Aside from giving learners the much needed rest from the hustle and bustle of the first part of the term, the government has In the past utilized mid-terms to quell school unrest and leaner distress.

Since they remain an integral part of the school term, how can parents optimally utilize mid-terms to get the most out of them?


1. Give the child enough time to rest

The primary goal of mid-terms is to allow the child to rest and replenish from a tiresome first part of the term. Therefore, when children are on mid-term breaks, parents should prioritize their rest and relaxation. They should ensure that their children have enough time to play, watch relevant television programmes among other activities that promote rest.


2. Improve your personal relationship with the child

During mid-terms, parents can focus on bonding better with their children through appropriate social events, family functions among others. During these events, conversations around the child’s private life, academics and relationships should take center stage.


3. Check and discuss with the child their academic progress

Taking time to go through the child’s mid-term report card can help parents understand their  weak and strong points. Parents can use this knowledge to encourage their children to do more in subjects they did not perform well.


4. Make a convenient schedule for the child to complete their homework

Whilst it is time for the child to rest, classwork cannot be entirely put aside. Parents can help their children draw a flexible timetable that will help the child to complete their homework. The homework can be done in-between the days of the mid-term break. Additionally, online learning platforms like www.eduOnline.co.ke can help break the monotony from the traditional classroom experience by providing an exciting approach towards revision.