Taking Care of Your Child During School Holidays In Kenya

  • 06 Apr 2021
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Taking Care of Your Child During School Holidays In Kenya

School holidays in Kenya as well as around the world, present an opportunity for children to rest, spend more time with their families and prepare for the next academic calendar. Therefore, it is critical for parents and guardians to ensure that children have enjoyable holidays that equip them with the mental strength to continue with their studies.


While holidays present a lot of opportunities for Kenyan children, they bring about different challenges for both children and parents. For instance, changes in environment could affect the child’s mental health. Moreover, Children lose touch with their friends due to the increased physical distance between them. Parents and guardians on the other hand, face the constant challenge to keep their children safe, and up to speed. Thus, it is important to have relevant strategies of taking care of your child during school holidays in Kenya.


1. Prioritise your child’s rest and good diet


Primarily, holidays are meant to give the child an opportunity to rest and recover from the previous academic period. As such, it is crucial for parents to make sure that children have enough rest, sleep and good feeding schedules.


2. Develop a schedule for your child


It is vital for children to always know what they need to do in advance. Therefore, parents need to prepare proper schedules and plans for their children. These schedules should be clear and realistic for the child to get accustomed to. Schedules, help children maintain a routine and get the best out of their school holidays in Kenya.


3. Have different activities to engage your child


During the holidays, children get more access to television sets, mobile devices and computers. As such, parents need to come up with an appropriate media and screen time plan. Consequently, the activity plan should incorporate items like games, age-appropriate movies and television programs as well  physical games.


4. Plan for tuition and study time


Even though holidays are meant to give children an opportunity to break away from school, parents need to ensure that their children constantly indulge in study sessions. Thus, having enough revision material enables your child to stay up to date with their classwork. Online learning websites like www.eduonline.co.ke offer good starting points for your child’s revision. Besides their affordability and variety of revision tools, online learning websites enable your child to revise conveniently and from anywhere.


5. Let your child participate in group activities


Group activities enable the child to keep in touch with friends, enhances psychomotor learning as well as help them develop emotionally. While it may be difficult to let your child go out especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, parents should always strive to provide safe opportunities for their children to interact with others.


6. Affordable holidays


While vacations and holidays maybe costly, parents should find cost effective holiday plans. This could involve taking your children to upcountry, or other gateway destinations. Holidays provide your child a chance to change their environment and learn by explore more.