KCPE Revision Tips

  • 04 Jun 2022
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KCPE Revision Tips

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams are an important transition point from primary to secondary school in the 8-4-4 Kenyan Education System. As such, it is important for learners to prepare for these examinations adequately to ensure good scores. Here are some tips to help KCPE candidates prepare for their exams.

1. Start revising early

“The early bird catches the worm,” so they say! Starting revision early ensures the candidate has enough time to cover all the required material, topics and subjects. Besides, it helps create a relaxed atmosphere and a suitable mindset for the learner by eliminating unnecessary pressure.

2. Plan revision using a timetable

Timetables are critical if the candidate is to stay organized and focused during their KCPE revision. These timetables should account for and allocate enough revision time all subjects.

3. Practice using past papers and quizzes

Past papers and quizzes are effective revision materials for KCPE candidates. They help learners cover enough KCPE revision ground within the shortest time possible. While it can be difficult and expensive to get adequate revision papers as required, online revision platforms like EduOnline provide these papers conveniently and affordably. Once users have created a free account, they can access numerous self-marking quizzes and papers.

4. Read brief/summarized notes rather than class notes

Summarized or brief notes are easy to understand and reduce reading time. With key points and areas highlighted, the candidate is able understand concepts easily. Therefore, a KCPE candidate can rely on online platforms such as EduOnline  that have professionally summarized notes.

5. Monitor progress

It is important for candidates to monitor their KCPE revision progress. This will help them identify areas they have not covered as well as those subjects or topics that they are still weak in.  EduOnline, for instance, one of the leading online revision platforms in Kenya, provides self-marking quizzes and papers that enable users get instant results once they complete them, serves as a good tool to monitor progress.

6. Ensure enough sleep and rest during revision

To avoid burnout and fatigue during this period, KCPE candidates need to have adequate rest and sleep. This keeps the learners motivated, energized and focused.